The WNA: Who we are


The Waterway Neighborhood Association was established in 1999 in order to address the needs and concerns of it’s residents. The association is made up of volunteer neighbors that donate their time and money to the cause of improving our little corner of the world. Membership and participation are not mandatory, we do this because we want to improve our quality of life here and help keep it a safe place to live.


The WNA’s boundaries stretch from Coral Way to Bird Road, and from the Palmetto to SW 67th Avenue.



Our Neighborhood, Our Home, and Our Civic Responsibility


Our neighborhood is our home, and like our homes we are responsible for our neighborhood. We must make our own way. We must attend to the specific business of our specific area. In doing so, we will reap the benefits of our collective labor and make the Waterway Neighborhood a better and safe.

The WNA: Who we're not

We are not a homeowners association, we do not collect monthly dues or association fees, we are not a management company, and we do not impose special assessments.

We are simply a group of neighbors who care about the wellbeing of the community and do something about it. Annual memberships of $35. per year, per household is voluntary and appreciated. The support from our community is needed to cover operational expenses such as; Annual corporation filing fees, signage,  web site and domain fees, bank fees, Newsletters and printed material, postage, landscape and other neighborhood improvement projects.

Your Thoughts
We welcome your ideas and input. If you have an idea for an improvement or project, please contact us.