WNA Works


2015 News Highlights:


  • , A 6.2 mile, 100’W abandoned railroad where FECI wants to change Land-use from “Transportation” to “Mixed-use” (residential and commercial) in order to develop the land.

  • Neighborhood communities rally to keep the YOUTH FAIR out of TROPICAL PARK.

  • Dedication of a new butterfly Garden at A.D. Barnes North.

  • Bird Road Design District expanded to areas from 826 to 70 Ave. and from Bird Road to SW 48 Street.

  • (BRCUMD) Bird Road Corridor Urban Master Development - Passed with the Board of County Commissioners 2014.

  • Community Council denied zoning application for a 9-story building next to single family homes and the Post office. We are currently negotiating for  3-5 Stories instead at BCC.


  • The XXX Bookstore on 68th and Bird Road has been closed since December 2014. Keep your fingers crossed.


2015:  has partnered with




The Friends of the Ludlam Trail is a non-profit coalition dedicated to the implementation of the Ludlam Trail, a 6.2-mile linear park through the heart of Miami-Dade County within the partially abandoned Florida East Coast railway right-of-way. The park will contain community gardens and a trail that will provide a safe, dedicated and direct route for cyclists and pedestrians to schools, parks, work and shopping. The trail will connect more than 34,000 people within a half-mile, walkable service area to five greenways, five schools, four parks and two transit hubs.

Thank you to all the neighbors who participated in the Charrette process, to help develop the trail, while preserving our neighborhood quality of life for residents in the area.    


The owners of the Ludlam Trail want to start developing the 6.2-mile stretch of land after it's sat vacant for years following railroad abandonment. This is a stretch of track located at Southwest 70th Avenue and West Flagler, looking north, Wednesday, October 08, 2014.  A rendering shows plans for a park favored by residents.
Vision for Rails to Trails: to restore Pine Rocklands and a natural habitat.


2015: Outcomes from the Charrette & Studio Days…

  • Trail shall be continuous throughout the entire 6.2 mile corridor
  • No Development, only Park/Trail behind Single Family Homes
  • Trail shall have amenities like pocket parks, biking/walking paths, benches, fountains, shade trees and landscaping
  • Homes should be well buffered
  • No New streets or motorized access to cut thru the trail
  • Development will be permitted ONLY within the vicinity of commercial uses, which do not abut single family uses


Next Steps after Charrette…

  • In accordance with Board of County Commissioners (BCC) directive, Ludlam Trail Corridor Amendment Application to be Filed for the May 2015 CDMP amendment cycle.
  • Staff Initial recommendation Report to be published August 2015
  • Public Hearings:
    September 2015:     3 Community Council Hearings
    October 2015:          Planning Advisory Board Hearing
    November 2015:      BCC Transmittal Hearing
    February 2016:         If Transmitted, final BCC Hearing


2015: Chairwoman Sosa dedicates new butterfly garden at A.D. Barnes Park North

The garden is located at the northwest corner of the park at SW 72nd Avenue and N. Waterway Drive. Chairwoman Sosa sponsored the May 6, 2014 County Commission resolution to create the butterfly garden, which was developed by staff from the Miami-Dade Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces Department and ZooMiami.
The new garden is the first branded butterfly garden within the County’s parks system, and it marks the start of a cooperative endeavor to enhance existing preservation and recovery efforts for South Florida's imperiled butterfly and pollinator species through education, awareness, increasing biodiversity and flora enhancement.
“This new butterfly garden will help preserve our endangered butterfly species while providing a peaceful and unique place for residents to relax and enjoy nature,” Chairwoman Sosa said.


(BRCUMD) Bird Road Corridor Urban Master Development - Passed with the Board of County Commissioners 2014.

This Article applies primarily to the area fronting Bird Road (SW 40th Street) between the Palmetto Expressway and the Florida Turnpike. Article XXXIII(U), Chapter 33, Code of Miami-Dade County, Florida Bird Road Corridor Urban Area (BRCUA) District.

Where a proposed development abuts an area designated for single-family residential on the Future Land Use Map of the CDMP, the height of the proposed development along the abutting property line, for a minimum depth of 50 feet, shall be no greater than three (3) stories.

Examples of the required height transition are shown below.

Neighborhood communities rally to keep the YOUTH FAIR out of TROPICAL PARK
Commissioner Javier Souto and residents at a town hall meeting in February 2015 unanimously opposed relocation of the Youth Fair into Tropical Park, which would have required two lakes to be filled in, and the park to be closed to the public for 2 months out of the year to make way for FIU expansion of dorms and research labs.
In a statement from Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez, (MIAMI, February 18, 2015) – “My Administration and I have determined that Tropical Park is unsuitable for the relocation of The Miami-Dade County Youth Fair & Exposition and is no longer under consideration as a potential relocation site.


The Bird Road Art District (BRAD) boundaries have been expanded
In June 2000, this area off SW 72-74th Avenue and 47-48 Street, which was zoned an industrial area, was officially designated the Bird Road Art District by Miami-Dade County. This year the BCC has expanded this mixed-use area to include areas from SW 70 Ave. to 826 and from Bird Road to SW 48 Street.
Every 3rd Saturday of the month, BRAD hosts Gallery Night  from 6:00pm - 10:00pm, an evening of art and the opportunity to go behind the scenes and meet artists in their own studios. 






Benefits of living in our WNA Neighborhood:


  1. We have POLICE OFFICERS that patrol the WNA area. (If you see suspicious activity in our area please call (305) 4-POLICE or  (305-476-5423) to have police dispatched to investigate while activity is happening.
  2. Board members attend ZONING HEARINGS that concern our Neighborhood on behalf of its residents, so that the quality of life in our neighborhood is not compromised. Concerns include but not limited to; traffic, noise, odors, limiting commercial uses within residential areas, and criminal activity.
  3. The WNA works closely with COMMISSIONER SOSA’s office- District 6, regarding safety and improvements to the neighborhood. As a group we can achieve more.
  4. Citizen’s Crime Watch and Neighborhood MEETINGS are held EVERY 3rd Wednesday of every month,  at A.D. Barnes Park office (next to the pool) at  7:00 PM(We invite you to attend – look for the yellow signs posted 3-days in advance). This is a good time to bring your concerns or questions to WNA. We will do what we can to help.





Community Communications Improvements:


  1. Annual Newsletter Mailings                                                                                                                     are sent to over 1,400 homes and businesses within our area.
  2. E-mails  are sent as needed to better keep our neighbors informed of happenings in our area. To be included, email us at: Waterway.Neighborhood.Assoc@gmail.com
  3. Web Site and Domain created for WNA
  4. For History, News, Networking and Information visit us on line at: www.WaterwayNeighborhood.org

  5. 10 - Web Site address notification signs    
  6. Posted to help improve community knowledge of area.  

  7. Facebook allows all neighbors to be ‘interactive’
  8. Example: Lost and Found animals with photos, suspicious activity to be aware of, and much more.    

  9.   2- Waterway Neighborhood Welcome Signs
  10. Installed for Neighborhood recognition with the help of Commissioner Sosa.

    • 72 Ave at SW 39 St.
    • 67th Ave at N. Waterway Drive


*One sign was Donation by Commissioner Sosa and the WNA cost for the second WNA Welcome sign was $3,800.




WNA Neighborhood Quality of Life Improvements:

  1. WNA enforced “Proper Removal” of the Trash Incinerator at the new home for the Coral Gables Maintenance Facility, in efforts to avoid future Health Risks to surrounding residents. WNA worked closely with DERM and Commissioner Sosa on this project. (Officially completed 1-6-06).   
  2. WNA Negotiated quality of life issues of operations at the new Coral Gables Maintenance Facility:     
    1. Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday: Not before 7:00AM and not after 5:00PM. Saturday: 9:00-3:00, and closed on Sunday.
    2. Noise Restrictions: Vehicles are required to park in reverse at the end of each shift, to avoid loud reverse alarm beeps in the early morning hours.
    3. No Trash is to be left over night or over the weekends at this Maintenance Facility. (This will help reduce odors and rodents in our residential area)
    4. City of Coral Gables vehicles are not permitted access to our residential streets. They must use S.W. 72 Avenue to Coral Way or Bird Road to enter or exit the Maintenance Facility.
    5. Landscape Buffer located behind this facility along the canal, was negotiated to help reduce noise and beautify
    6. 2 new much needed parking lots at Brothers to the Rescue Park at Coral Way and SW 72 Ave. were also negotiated.

  3. Curbed Sidewalks were installed at Westchester Hospital Eliminating the double parking, which improved safety for the pedestrians at the hospital, and West Miami Middle School students. *Coordinated with Commissioner Sosa & Dade County.
  4. Neighborhood Sidewalks were Repaired
    This helped improve pedestrian and handicap safety with the help of Commissioner Sosa’s office.  Please report cars illegally parked on sidewalks Call 3-1-1 or (305) 4-POLICE/(305) 476-5423.
  5. WNA worked for many years to get old utility poles removed that were left in our neighborhood.
  6. Traffic Flow improvements: WNA was instrumental in getting a 3rd left turn lane on Bird Rd., west bound, south to 874 Turnpike extension /826 south to US1, where only 2 left turn lanes were planned. This has better accommodated evening rush hour traffic. WNA also requested longer lead time at traffic signal on 72 Ave at Bird Road, and “DO NOT BLOCK INTERSECTION” signage at Bird Road and 73 CT. for easier left turns from east bound traffic on Bird Road.
  7. WNA worked together with AD Barnes Park to start a new Butterfly Garden at Humble Mini Park located at the NE corner of 826 at Bird Road.




Neighbors gather for Crime Watch Party

October is crime prevention month

On October 25th, approximately 400 Neighbors of the Waterway Neighborhood gathered at A.D. Doug Barnes Park for their first annual Crime Watch Neighborhood Party. Commissioner Sosa was there to support our community event. Mc Gruff, the police Dog, was there to welcome the kids in his remote control and interactive voice police car. The Crime Watch Explorers were there fingerprinting at the Crime Prevention Bus. Activities for the kids included; a police helicopter to explore, a white police horse for all to admire, and a bounce house just for fun.

Many residents are very happy to learn that they live in an area with its own Neighborhood Association. The WNA was established in 1999 and a recent mailing to all homeowners in the area was sent with information about the Association and an invitation to the Party. All homes and businesses from Bird Road to Coral Way, between SW 67th Avenue and 826 Expressway are part of the WNA. 

Neighbors met with other neighbors, their Crime Watch Representatives, local Police Officers and Commissioner Sosa to find out more about happenings in the area. The more people in the neighborhood that get involved, the stronger, safer and better the neighborhood will be. A new web site has been created for updated news and information, and goings on in the neighborhood. Visit www.WaterwayNeighborhood.org This will be a valuable communications tool for neighbors in the area.

Networking with neighbors and local businesses was a big part of the success of this neighborhood event. Special thanks to Crime Watch representatives Carmen Caldwell, Alina and Officer Sabrina Toledo together with Crime Watch Neighborhood Sponsors.